Tiktok Influencer Marketing (10 Pack)

Tiktok Influencer Marketing (10 Pack) - WolfMedia.io

Tiktok Influencer Marketing (10 Pack)

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Utilizing the rapid growth and exposure of the Tiktok platform, we are able to organically grow your brand and drive tons of social traffic to your store using the amazing creators/influencers on the platform.


In this package you will receive the following service: (4 steps)

  1. We identify your target audience, then find hundreds/thousands of influencers that match your target audience.
  2. We then generate all of these influencers emails and send out an email campaign offering the influencers a deal for promoting the product.
  3. You will then need to send the influencer the product.
  4. We then manage these relationships for you and track the progress, traffic and sales generated from each influencer!


The price is $100 per influencer as well as 20% of profit generated from each campaign. Profit is considered the total amount of profit less cost of goods and marketing costs and can be calculated 30 days after the campaign begins.

For example: You sell 200 units for 50$ = 10,000, but your cost of goods was 3,000 and you paid the influencers 700. Your profit margin would be 6,300. We would split that number. (The cost of our management fee is separate and not included in the profit share calculation)


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